An Accident

I think I’ve mentioned before that the boys, in general, like to hang out with Paul more than they do with me. His standards of behavior are more … relaxed, let’s say. He mostly has two rules. First, don’t sass grownups. Second, don’t make each other bleed.

So when Elias came in this evening with a plug in his nose, I knew discipline was in the wind.

And sure enough, privileges were revoked. “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” wailed our pint-sized pugilist. “NO! It was an ACCIDENT!”

“Uh huh,” Paul said, unmoved.

“It was! It was an accident! I forgot that his nose would bleed!”

One thought on “An Accident

  1. Martha Wiegand September 2, 2015 at 8:17 am Reply

    Ha ha! Carol, you never fail to brighten my day!

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