Cystic Fibrosis

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It’s that time again.

Once a year, Paul and I complete a bike ride to raise money toward cystic fibrosis research. It’s coming up again on Saturday, September 19. (We’re, uh, getting a little bit of a late start.) Here are the donation links if you don’t want to read the rest of my blather.

Donate to Paul’s ride:
Donate to Carol’s ride:

It all ultimately goes to the same place, but if you feel like punishing one of us by making a large donation to the other, hey, feel free!

Anyway. If you’d like to donate a few dollars, it would mean more to us than you could possibly know. We love Grumpy Frog, and we’d like to keep him around as long as possible.



Truly amazing things have been happening in CF research lately. More are coming, and it’s all because of people like you and me. CF is too rare to qualify for government funding in research. All of this has been done by the little people, and the little people frankly ROCK.

Rock on, little people. Rock on.

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