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Obligatory Pictures

And non-obligatory quotes.

First shot. Very rushed, almost dropped my phone. We have to cross the road this year (and Elias is a preschooler and so a parent has to cross the road because the school says so and I get it even though I’m sure all the people waiting in their cars on their way to work think I’m being a helicopter parent, and yes I know I shouldn’t care so much what other people think), so to get the picture I had to stand in the ditch and get wet feet. This is how much I love you, children.

Yeah. That didn’t go so well. This one’s better.

And now for the promised non-obligatory quotes.

OH! My lunch box is packed. I LOVE carrying my lunch box! Oh, I can’t WAIT to ride the bus! Oh, I can’t wait to start first grade!

I’m excited about going back to preschool, Mommy. <pause> My favorite part is eating. <longer pause> And going home.

They’re so much alike, aren’t they? Sometimes even *I* can’t tell them apart.

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