We’re Still Here

Apologies for the radio silence. I’ve started at least four different posts over the last week or so, and abandoned them all. It turns out that writing things, even silly blog posts, takes mental energy and focus that I just haven’t had lately. The last couple of weeks at work have been a rich, flourishing garden of crazy. I haven’t been sleeping as much or as well as I usually do, either. I am wiped out.


Friday, both Paul and I are taking off work, and we are taking the boys to a Lake Erie beach. They have been begging pitifully all summer to go to the beach, and we are going to make it happen. The Outer Banks it is not, but there will be sand and sun and water, and two parents that are fully present. It will be enough. That evening, we will see good friends, and the boys will get to swim again. That night, what with all the swimming, I am anticipating that they will sleep like the dead. I’m hoping to do the same. Because Saturday morning, we have to do … nothing. Not a blessed thing*.

I have a fantasy of waking up some morning, fully rested and with no agenda. Saturday morning it might actually happen, if I’m very lucky.

If it does, I might have the brain power to get you an entertaining blog post. In the meantime, though, I can probably muster up at least a picture or two of sandy, tired children.

See ya!



*Except Paul, who has to go work. Sorry, honey.

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