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The Care and Feeding of Hand Knit Gifts

This hat used to fit Paul. It even covered his ears. Now, it looks like a longish kippah for a child.

That, my friends, is why you don’t throw lovingly crafted hand knit items in the washing machine and run them in a hot load.

And it is why this shawl will be hand washed, gently, always.

20140724-200351-72231852.jpgIt came in the mail today, from my friend Jill. She chose the color of the sea because she knows how much I love to be by the water. It is soft, and gorgeous, and beautifully worked. It is a treasure, and I will treasure it. But not exactly for any of those reasons. I will treasure it because it was made for me, with love knit into every stitch, and with the purpose of making me feel that love.

So basically, it’s a blankie. Except you can wear it with a little black dress.

Jill, thank you. I love it.


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