Dribs and Drabs

I’m scanning in a bunch of old pictures. Here’s a sample, for fun.
1979 07 Carol Gasser
Oh, man. That carpet. That couch. That nightgown.

I tore the house apart earlier this week looking for a couple of checks. I knew I had put them in a safe place, but I could not remember where that safe place was. I seriously looked everywhere. It was at least a day later that I finally realized they were indeed in a safe place. Already in the bank.

I think I need a minder.

But later, Elias came up and asked for a hug. I put my arm around him, and he said, “No, Mama. A real hug. With arms, and squeezing.”

And I thought to myself, “Checks? What checks?” And I squeezed very hard.

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