Transparent Tuesdays. Or not.

I read recently on another blog that there’s a movement recently to have Transparent Tuesdays. In which bloggers remove the rose-colored filters from their writing and talk about the parts of their lives that are less than glamorous.*

This made me laugh. Not because I don’t applaud the sentiment. I do. Somebody said awhile ago that we all have confidence issues because we’re comparing our own blooper files with everyone else’s highlight reels. There’s a lot of truth to that, and I am among those who breathe a sigh of relief when I see someone else’s trashed kitchen.

It made me laugh because I’m not really sure how much more transparent I should be. With my penchant for posting about embarrassing parenting moments, my dubious housekeeping, and just oversharing in general, I think going much further (Further? Farther? I can never get that one right, like the teacher in Finding Forrester.) is probably not advisable.

So I told Paul I’m going to do Whitewashed Wednesdays instead.


In which I tell you a story about my angelic children and lovely parenting moments, and share pictures of my lovely, beautifully decorated, spotless home.

But that sounds like WAY too much work. In fact, I couldn’t dredge up enough material for one week. So I’ll probably just go on as I’ve begun.

Since I baited you with that title, though, here are a few transparent tidbits.

  • I still like getting up in the morning roughly as much as a cat enjoys a bath.
  • When my mom shares any local news (birth, death, etc.) with me now, I verify it with a second source before telling anyone else. This feels disloyal, but necessary.
  • One of my friends posted about wearing her newborn, and I had a little weepy moment of nostalgia. I loved wearing my babies. LOVED. Then I remembered how much I did not love the not sleeping (see also first bullet point), and how my other friends’ baby has turned the last year of their life into a torment of wailing. (I love her, and she’s getting a lot better, but wow. Girl was born angry.) And I came to my senses. If we adopt again, it’ll have to be a child that is sleeping through the night.
  • Paul may come strangle me after he reads the “if we adopt again” bit. He is all out of “if” and “again” on that one.
  • I checked the laundry this morning and decided the damp clothes loitering in the washing machine probably needed a rinse. Another one.

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll!

*I didn’t realize until I posted this that I used “recently” twice in the first twelve words. In unrelated recent news, I was recently hit very hard in the head. Kidding. I just need an editor, apparently. And maybe an adverb intervention.

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