The Circus Travels

This isn’t the first time I’ve said this, but today has been a little farcical.

It started in the morning. Paul reported that Levi got up at 6:00, crying. Paul, a little worried that he might be sick, asked what was wrong. “I … I can’t whistle anymore!” Levi sobbed.

He just learned yesterday. He can still only whistle by inhaling. And his skill was lost only because his lips were too dry. Tragedy indeed.

I had a lot of errands to run, and my sister needed something at her workplace, so a run into town was in order. I decided it would be fun to take Mom along with the boys and have lunch. I decide this periodically. “Periodically” here means “as soon as I’ve forgotten what the last time was like.” I’m not sure exactly how to describe our little jaunts, but the word “fiasco” is not out of line, I don’t think.

So we drove through Wendy’s, but I was so distracted that I forgot to pull forward and actually, y’know, get the food. Seriously. They had to open the first window again and tell me to move along. I’d like to say that I eat such a healthy diet that I didn’t know how the drive-through worked, but I don’t think any of you would believe it.

We visited Auntie’s work, and the boys got a lot of reminders about polite behavior and really did well, except for Levi forgetting that it’s rude to ask everyone you meet how old they are. Multiple times.

Mom needed some cash, so on our way home, we drove through (I know – asking for trouble, right?) the bank. This time, it wasn’t really anything I did. But the wind gusted just as the little tray came out, and it picked the envelope up and carried it off. And opened it up, and made the money dance as it blew across the road.

I pulled forward so I could open my door, and two of the bank employees dashed out in their shirtsleeves (which is real dedication, because holy macaroni it’s cold). One of them was actually picking bills out of a shrub. We did eventually get all the money and even the receipt, but I looked back over my shoulder and I could see Mom sitting in the front seat, laughing at us. And not even trying to hide it.

At that point, I think all we needed was a little calliope music.

The rest of the day has been uneventful. But it’s not over yet, so who knows what could happen.

In other news, Levi is learning how to spell just a little. He and his Beloved Auntie played a game with the blocks the other day, and he figured out – with a little help – all the three-letter words in the picture.



He’s very proud. (Me too.)

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