Turning Point

Paul and I got to go on a bike ride this afternoon. My sister watched the hooligans, the weather cooperated, and some kind soul had plowed the bike trail. I really needed it. We have a stationary bike in the basement – it’s a pretty nice one, and I ride it when I must. But it is not the same as being out in fresh air, taking in the sun, and riding through space toward a destination.

We did just under 14 miles, which is chicken feed for our friend Jeremy (a Very Serious Cyclist), but respectable enough for two former exercise haters. As we were coming home in the car, Paul said, “This sounds weird, but I kind of have a buzz from that.” It doesn’t sound weird to me at all, in fact. I was a little buzzed too.


We did an out-and-back on a local trail, and rode into a pretty good headwind on the way out. The tailwind coming back was a lot of fun. When I do this particular ride, coming back is always my favorite, and I was thinking about why. Today’s wind direction was definitely a bonus, but even if I’m riding into the wind on the way home, I like it best. My favorite moment of the ride is not when I pull up beside the car at the end, but right when I turn around at the far end of the trail.

I think it’s because I have no more decisions to make. I’ve gone to the end, and the only place to go is back, all the way. I don’t have the option of looping back early if I’m a little tired. I’m committed, and I may as well give it everything I’ve got. I find it oddly freeing.

Is this normal, or is my brain wired funny?

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