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Hope and Prayer

I despise asking people for money, especially with the way things are going for so many folks right now. Which is one of the reasons I’ve put this off for so long. But Sunday, I’m walking to raise money toward a cure for cystic fibrosis, a disease that affects Levi’s life – and our household – every day, in many ways.

Right now (seriously, she’s in surgery this very moment), there’s a woman in North Carolina getting her second double-lung transplant. She has fought CF bravely her entire life. Thanks to a donor family she will never know, she has another chance, but her road will never be easy, even with new lungs.

It’s my hope and prayer that a cure will be found for CF long before Levi has to decide whether such a major surgery is his next step. If you’re able to donate some money toward that cure, I’d like that. If you can’t, but you decide to hope and pray along with us, I’d like that just as much.

Thanks for reading.

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