It killed the cat. We don’t yet know what it does to little boys. Just to give you a little taste of life with Levi, I thought I’d write down some of the questions he asks in a day.


This sampling is from a Saturday at home. I did not cheat and rephrase any of his statements as questions, even though I was tempted.

  • Do dragons puke green?
  • Why do polices have guns?
  • May I have a snack now?
  • (two minutes later) May I have a snack NOW, cause I waited?1
  • (thirty seconds later) Why are you making me wait so loooooooooooong?
  • Why did Wias touch my poop that day?2
  • NO! Why are you washing my popsicle!?!?3
  • Why won’t Wias share with me?
  • Why are my glasses so dirty?
  • How do you make that finger (computer pointer) move?
  • Why do you talk funny whenever you shrink?4

It’s not even noon. Pray for me.

1I only included one of these, but there were quite a few more. Chinese water torture has nothing on a determined preschooler.

2I am sad to report that he did not make this up.

3Because there was paper stuck to it. When you buy the cheap popsicles, you have to make do.

4Anybody know what he’s talking about?


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