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Growing Up

Levi is playing t-ball in the league at the local Y this spring.


He’s generally more interested in the swings than the game, but he’s getting a bit better. In yesterday’s game, he was playing shortstop for an inning (in the most general sense of “shortstop” and “inning”) and he fielded a grounder and threw it to first base. The batter had been on first base for some time when the ball arrived, but he’s getting the right idea.

He also occupied the pitcher’s mound for an inning, and spent most of his time posing like a calendar model. So I’m not getting a big head about his natural athleticism.

He’s learning discernment, too.

Paul and I drove separately to church this morning (early worship team rehearsal again). After, I had to run to the grocery store for a few things, and Levi wanted to come along. “Great!” I said, “I love it when you come. Remember how we behave at the store? No grabbing, no yelling, and always listen to Mom.”

And he looked up at me with a sweet smile and said, “I guess I’d rather go with Papa.”

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