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Everybody’s Gone Surfing …


I just found this picture from Give Kids the World, and it’s too good not to share.



One of the amazing things at Give Kids the World is the pool. It’s enormous and heated to nearly bathwater temperature, and shallow all over, so you can really pack in the kids. There’s a zero-degree entry ramp and PVC wheelchairs provided with straps. Kids that hardly ever get to go in the pool can go.  There’s a pirate boat that serves as the backdrop for the Pirates and Princesses party every Friday night, and also as a screen for movie nights. Pretty fantastic.

And in the “surf shop” you can stand on a gigantic board and pretend to catch a wave. The boys don’t really get surfing at this point, so there they are with their special friends J and M. This was taken by Paul on the day I was so sick. It’s one of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Good memories.

One thought on “Everybody’s Gone Surfing …

  1. I remember it was about 65 and rainy that day, but those boyZ wouldn’t dare to have a shirt on…

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