Like My Mama

There was a time in my mother’s life when she had waaaay too much going on, and every Sunday she would come home from church in the afternoon, go to her room, and shut the door. She did not have a Do Not Disturb sign because she did not need one. Nobody was that crazy. 

When she felt like she could, she’d get up, come out, and we’d go out to eat somewhere. 

I was around five or six at the time. I found her behavior incomprehensible. How much lying around could possibly be needed? I mean, she was sleeping at night, right?

So this afternoon, I came home from church, went into my room, and shut the door. No one disturbed me when they got home from swimming because nobody is that crazy. 

I finally hauled myself out to the kitchen and ate the steak Paul had cooked. And now I am lying on the couch because I seem not to have met my laziness quota for the day. 

It seems time for a posthumous apology. 

Hi Mom. Sorry I was so impatient about your Sunday afternoons. I am wiser now. (Also being impatient takes energy I do not currently have. But wiser sounds better.)

Signing off, y’all. I’d write more but I’d have to keep holding the phone up in the air. 

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  1. I have a coworker that takes a nap every Sunday after church. She says, that if anyone disturbs her, then they have to go to sleep too! This concept has never worked for me, apparently my kids are THAT crazy lol!

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