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With Apologies …

… to the original author. And anyone who has ever loved any poem, really.

Surveying the House on Thanksgiving Eve

Whose mess this is, I surely know,
My maid is nonexistent though;
So as I slog through hip-deep junk,
I dream of far-off Borneo

With beaches flat and sun so bright …
No way I can afford the flight!
As peels fall from the spuds and fruit,
I know I still must stand and fight.

They’re not polite, the thoughts I think,
As dishes fill the kitchen sink.
Thanksgiving dawns tomorrow yet
The night will pass by in a blink.

Slumber calls me, sweet and deep,
But I have floors that I must sweep,
And pies to bake before I sleep,
And pies to bake before I sleep.

It would be entirely fair to point out that the pies would get baked faster if I wasn’t wasting time making Robert Frost wish he could die all over again. But a girl’s got to have a little fun.

One thought on “With Apologies …

  1. You are so funny, Carol! I laughed & laughed when I read this, then read it to Al & the girls. I was aghast that Sharla & Rosalie did not know the original poem! Don’t these schools teach ANYTHING any more??

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