Random Thursday


Random because wow I’m tired, and it’s been a crazy week, and I have no profound thoughts to share, unless I discover them between now and the time I stop typing.

I picked up Levi at preschool this morning, and his class paraded out wearing their new “fire gear” and enormous grins. I didn’t have a camera with me or I would have taken a picture of them all wearing their hats and tanks. It was so terribly cute, and they were so very proud of themselves.



The fire department came on a visit a while back, and Levi has been telling me about the firemen (their phone number is 911, in case you didn’t know), and learning our address and phone number really well.

I just heard a text arrive on my phone, which I’m hoping means that Paul is on his way home to ride herd on the craziness for awhile.

I have made more paper airplanes in the last three weeks than in my entire life before. I’m still not very good at it, but sometimes you really need a paper airplane and Papa is just not here.




Those are pineapple chunks. Don’t they look innocent? Harmless, even?


I had food poisoning Monday night. I made myself a smoothie for lunch, and when I opened the can of pineapples, I thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t eat those.” But I couldn’t think of any reason why I thought that. They smelled okay. They looked okay. The date on the can was far into the future. So I put some in and blended happily away.

Just a tip, but if this happens to you, don’t let your desire to not waste the dollar overcome your lizard instincts. There was definitely something wrong with those pineapples. Thank goodness I only had about a third of them. The rest I saved in a jar in the fridge, at first because I was going to use them in future smoothies, and then because I thought I might have to take them to the ER with me so they’d know what I’d eaten.

My sister-in-law pointed out that it’s really nice that the human body can detect – and rid itself of – poison, and you know what? She’s right. That’s pretty cool. That might be the profound thought for the day. I understand that you may need to ask for your money back on that one.

I was without a work computer all last week, and I finally got one on Monday. Then the internet went out. It was intermittently available for two days, and was fixed yesterday afternoon. I think today is the first really productive day I’ve had in a week and a half. It felt great to actually get some things done!

Tomorrow night we have small group, and we’re having fondue – cheese and chocolate. I can hardly wait, both for Friday and for fondue.

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