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Small Packages

Levi got a little package in the mail today. It was from Give Kids the World, and I couldn’t imagine what it could be. (Though I was pretty sure it wasn’t a bill. Which was a welcome change from the rest of the mail.)

It was … a rabbit. Mayor Clayton, to be specific.


He and his wife Ms. Merry preside over the village at Give Kids the World. Ms. Merry was at our first breakfast at GKTW, and Levi was overjoyed to meet her.


Later that week, Mayor Clayton himself showed up in his nightshirt to tuck the boys into bed.


I can’t say it was my favorite part of the week, but only because there are too many wonderful parts to have a favorite. It was really a lot of fun.

Levi got the rabbit, it appears, because he was supposed to get one while we were there, but they were out of stock. They didn’t want us to miss anything, so they mailed it out now.

He’s a very nice rabbit. But even more than Mayor Clayton himself, I am grateful today for the memories he packed in his cummerbund.

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