Embrace the Chaos

Lo these many years ago, I worked with a woman whose husband was teaching her to golf. She was finding it pretty frustrating, and at one point, he said to her, “Look. On any one golf swing, there are about six thousand things that can go wrong. If you try to think about all of them and prevent every mistake, you’ll make yourself nuts. And you still won’t be any good at golf. Relax. Embrace the chaos.”

I am not very good at this. (Hi. My name is Carol and I’m addicted to understatements.) But I keep working at it. In that spirit, here are a couple of random things for your Tuesday.

Today’s random laundry find: red and white fishing bobber.


I really did check the pockets, but I guess I missed that one. I shouldn’t be surprised. It is nearly Levi’s favorite thing to do.


And a random kitchen tip. We eat a lot of peanut butter, and I like the natural stuff that only has peanuts and salt in it, but stirring it is a real pain. Unless you store it upside down.


I discovered this by accident. One of the peanut butter jars in my pantry fell over and was upside down for awhile before I pulled it out. When I turned it right side up and opened it, that big dry chunk that is usually impossible to get up off the bottom? It was on top. I poked a knife through it, the separated oil bubbled up, and I stirred.

I’m telling you, it’s magic. Go forth and store things upside down. Even if that makes you a teensy bit crazy because you like the pantry to look orderly. Not that I would know anything about that.

After all, I’m learning to embrace the chaos.

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