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This kid.

It took us twelve years to get a natural smile out of him in a picture. But look at that grin. It might have been worth the wait.

The toddler who hated meat (“It’s chewy!”) wants steak for his birthday dinner.

The little boy who dreaded thunderstorms now comforts his doggie when she trembles in the lightning flashes.

The infant whose head tucked so sweetly under my chin is half an inch from passing me up in height. His hands are already bigger than mine, and I don’t even want to talk about his feet.

I’m not sad. I love this incarnation. I’ve loved every version so far – and ground my teeth through parts of them, too.

Somehow he’s made me into a sports mom. I know what a nose guard does, and that wrestlers shoot. Not guns. I had to buy a knee pad for the shooting. I don’t know. My assimilation is still in process.

Man, I’ve loved the ride so far. I’m so proud of him I could bust. I can’t wait to see where he takes us all next.

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