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Double Digits

This post is late, and I have guilt about it. I did a post about Elias on his birthday, and Levi’s birthday was three days ago now. I started this post before Levi’s actual birthday, not that it makes a difference.

Levi will forgive me for this without a second thought, and that almost makes it worse. He’s my get-along kid, and I love that about him, but also it makes me feel bad sometimes. He learned early that some things were nonnegotiable — we don’t skip lung clearance treatments the end amen — and seems to have resigned himself to the fact that he’s not going to like everything that happens.

Now that I think about it, that’s kind of important. I’m not disorganized, I’m providing opportunities to practice life skills. We’ll go with that.

He’s ten now, in double digits, and the things this kid can do. Math, in his head, in a way I never learned and still can’t manage.

He mows the lawn (with supervision; no pearl-clutching, please). While it’s true that he won’t get high marks for straight lines or trimwork, his enthusiasm for this task is off the charts. It works in our favor that we’re rural and there’s no neighborhood association.

He pays attention when it counts. He can’t find the mustard in the fridge to save his life, but he’s often the first one in the house to ask me what’s wrong if I’m a little sad. He dispenses fantastic hugs on such occasions.

He’s getting braces in September, and bless him, he can’t wait. Because I promised him a batch of homemade caramels before they go on. He actively looks for the good bits. This is another important life skill, and he didn’t learn it from me, because I am still learning it from him.

You’re a champ, Levi. Welcome to double digits. Thanks for letting me be your mom.


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