Snow Showers and Inside Flowers

I zipped into the grocery store when I left work, because we were nearly out of eggs and completely out of baby oranges, and my people will not put up with that kind of neglect.

It is a lovely spring day in northeast Ohio, by which I mean that it’s stupid cold and there are snowflakes flying around hitting me in the face. So I bought myself some flowers. I do this sometimes. I feel a little guilty about it, but grocery store flowers are way cheaper than a lot of things I could be doing.


I was just going into the store when I ran into a relative. We hugged, good and hard, because it’s been a while. When we let go, she said, “I just want you to know that sometimes the things you write are the biggest bright spots in my days.”

I kind of needed that today. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and more than a little cranky. A little kindness went a long way. To completely mangle the thing all our moms used to say, if you can think of something nice to say to someone, please say it. Don’t keep it to yourself. (Not me. I’m not asking you to be nice to me. Be nice to the people next to you right now.)

And listen, I’m not an advocate of wasting money, but if you can find a way to make yourself happy for eight bucks every once in a while, I highly recommend it. Maybe you think flowers are dumb. That’s cool. Find something else. If you are like me and you need a little push in the backside, tell yourself I said so.

Besides being kind to other people, please be kind to you.

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