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Happy Faces

Why so gleeful?

That there in Levi’s hand is his last IV. The PICC line will come out tomorrow morning and swimming may commence.

I am of course delighted and also I would like to take a mammoth nap. I was talking to Paul this morning, and we agreed that one part we really dislike about IVs is the uncertainty. Are we done today? Don’t know. If we’re done today, will the line come out today? Don’t know. When can I swim, Mom? Don’t know. These are only three questions, but they’ve been repeated to me approximately one zillion times. Will I need to leave work early for another week to make it home to do infusions? Don’t know. Will we have to take a cooler with us for the meds on our outing this weekend? Don’t know.

I don’t know why uncertainty is so draining, but it is. So I am happy for answers.

Done. Tomorrow morning. Yes to swimming.


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