I’ve been doing this legs-up-the-wall thing with some regularity. 

It does wonders for my lower back, and it helps stretch out the back of my legs, which I have recently realized are as tight as bowstrings. 

A friend recommended it awhile ago, and I did some googling. Besides being known as the legs-up-the-wall thing, it seems to be some yoga pose I can’t pronounce, and it is in some quarters heralded as a miracle cure for everything. It is credited with everything from curing lower back pain to helping people see things more clearly and gain new perspective on life. 

And I’ll tell you, I have to agree. As I said before, it does wonders for my lower back. And I have definitely seen things more clearly. Mostly things that needed to be cleaned a long time ago. 

What? Is that not how that’s supposed to work?

We’ll have to chat later. I need to go find the dustmop. 

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