Behind the Times 

This has been my special friend for the past little while. For those of you lucky enough not to recognize it, it is a donut pillow, and it is for those who are having trouble sitting comfortably.

About three weeks ago, I slipped stepping out of the shower and went down hard. Right on my tailbone. It is possible that I did not accept this bump in the road with total equanimity and instead shrieked like a banshee. It hurt quite a lot.

It kept hurting, and sitting down was especially objectionable. My sister brought me a donut to sit on. I lost it somewhere (best guess: Millersburg) and immediately went to Rite Aid and got another one.

I finally saw a doctor last week – I don’t have anything against doctors except the copay we get charged – for a regular appointment and she confirmed my belief that she really couldn’t do anything about the, uh, problem area. She did, however, give me something that slowed down the spasms I was having and let me sleep at night. Things have improved enough that when I went to my brother’s house for Easter dinner tonight, I didn’t take my donut with me. (That was a touch optimistic.)

The boys have been intrigued by this injury, not least because it provides them opportunities to bring into conversation a part of the human anatomy that I generally encourage them not to discuss at length or in detail. In fact, last Monday, Levi’s Sunday School teacher (also my co-worker) informed me that I came up during prayer time. She swears he used polite words, but my problem was explained to his teachers and classmates at some length.

I experienced an initial flash of embarrassment – Does anyone other than a Kardashian really like having their hindparts discussed in public? – but recovered quickly. Because this is the best thing, seriously. It has been making me laugh all week long.

At one point, a week ago, there was a classroom full of second-graders praying for my behind. Bless their sweet hearts, and their delightful teachers. I guess when you ask second-graders what they need to pray for, you really, really never know what you’re going to get.

One thought on “Behind the Times 

  1. Bruce Stambaugh April 17, 2017 at 10:45 pm Reply

    And you credited the doctor’s meds for helping you sleep. :-)

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