We introduced the boys to hockey today. I was trying to explain it this morning and I finally gave up and said, “They get to push and shove and knock each other down.” 


They fell asleep less than five minutes after we got in the car. 

We had a quiet ride up there. Paul and I got to talk to one another for awhile without interruption. I believe this was God’s special little birthday present for me. 

“This is like going to the doctor,” Levi said which might seem odd, but apparently going to Children’s is his only memorable experience with a large parking garage. 

Here we are hanging out in one of the Cavs practice courts. 

The boys each got a blow-up hockey stick. Very useful for whacking one other in the head. 

This was another special trip from A Kid Again, the folks that sent us to the North Pole. Thank you to everyone there and the volunteers and donors that make it possible, because we had a great time! 

I love hockey, and I don’t think I’ve been to a game in 15 years. The rules came back to me pretty quickly (though I couldn’t answer Elias when he asked what a penalty for interfering meant), and I think Paul was amused by my hollering after I settled in. 

Unfortunately, the Monsters lost in a sudden death overtime shootout. Elias was pretty mad about it, but I felt like we got our money’s worth. (Ha.)

We had to remind the boys constantly to keep walking. The size of both the arena and the crowd were a little overwhelming for them, and a lot of looking around was required. 

I told them as we were leaving how proud I am of them. There was no complaining about boredom, and the only fight was a minor scuffle as we were waiting for the elevator in the parking garage after. I am so encouraged by this display that I would agree to another sporting event. Even right now, right after we left. 

I am typing this in the car (no I am not driving) on the way home, and they are sleeping again. 

It’s a good day. 

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