Sixteen Minutes to Christmas

It’s sixteen minutes to Christmas. Everyone else has been in bed for awhile, the boys in their new (to us) Mario pajamas.

The stockings are ready (the ones for Mom and Dad are stuffed with fruit from the bowl on the counter to make them look full; I love a good banana for Christmas), the presents are under the tree, and I am sitting here with my feet up.

I was part of four Christmas Eve services at church today, and I was at the church for just over eight hours. There were a lot of opportunities for people to ask me if I was ready for Christmas.

You know, to my own surprise, I am.

We have candlelight services, and one of my favorite parts – I know this is a little weird – is the smell in the sanctuary when a service is over. A few hundred people have just blown out their candles and are heading out the door, chattering to their families about dinner. If you stand there in the sanctuary and take a deep breath, you can fill up your lungs with the wisps of smoke. It smells like Christmas to me.

I’ve been in the congregation when the light is passed down the rows from one person to the next, and I loved it.

But if you’re on stage, you get to watch from a little bit above as the light starts with just one candle in the front, and spreads out and fills up the room. Best seat in the house. 

Photo credit: Jordyn Benter

It’s four minutes to Christmas now. I’m ready.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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