Overheard at the Pediatrician’s Office 

Being shut in a small space with both boys is always interesting. Also loud. All of the following are direct quotes from this afternoon’s appointment, and none from me. (But see if you can pick out the voice of the doctor.)

He’s naked!

No, all those orange things are muscles.

What are those things? What are organs? Are they slimy?

I’m not sticking a needle in your ear!*

That doesn’t hurt but it makes me have to go to the bathroom.

No, we don’t do anything. We just sit in the house and watch tv.**

We don’t like to brush our teeth and Mom doesn’t make us.**

Why don’t you want me to fall down? What are stitches?


You have to leave. I can’t change in front of you. You’re not my mom.

Why did he have to go to the office? Who did he hit? In the what?

What do you mean you can’t get a word in edgewise?

***infectious disease poster, and it was

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