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Go Tribe!

I know, I know. It seems like I’m cheering a little late, but bear with me.

Those of you following along on Facebook may recall that last week was spirit week at school. This means that every day has a theme and kids are supposed to be dressed in the theme.

I am not good at spirit week. Mostly I’m happy if my children are wearing clothes and they’re clean, y’know? Some families really go all in for spirit week and plan outfits with all kinds of crazy stuff, and that is totally cool and I’m really glad they’re having fun with it, but mostly for me it is just another way – if a small one – for me to fail the Awesome Mom Test. So it’s not my favorite.

But despite the fact that I’ve never managed to color my child’s hair orange – or anything – for crazy hair day, I do actually try. Levi was wearing a white shirt on the appropriate day last week, and they wore red and blue on the right days, too.

Tuesday, though, was Indians day. And we had no Indians gear. Nada. Zip. (Given that my children’s style could best be described as Postmodern Hand-me-down, it’s not that surprising, I guess.)

So I did what all good moms do in this enlightened times: I asked Facebook for help.

In less than 10 minutes, I had someone lined up to bring some shirts to church that the boys could borrow. I washed the shirts and returned them the next week at church, and had completely forgotten about it.

Well. We have this friend who works for the Indians, and I guess he decided that young boys in the northeast Ohio area who do not own any Tribe gear is a travesty.

I got a package this afternoon. Both boys now own a Kluber shirt, a Brantley hat, a toy truck, a foam finger, a string backpack, and a jersey (Carrasco and Kipnis).

Merciful heavens. Thank you, John.

They are pretty pumped. I need to go look up all these guys now and figure out who they are and what positions they play or something. I guess what I’m saying is …

Uncle. I surrender. Looks like we’ll be a baseball family after all.


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