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Portraits in Neglect

Hello friends.

Did you have a rough week? A rough morning? Are you questioning your basic competence? Feeling bad about your children’s future therapy bills?

I’m here for you.

These just went up on the mantel this afternoon. Nice, right?

It’s a lovely shot, really. There’s a funny painted rock, but you could make a case for that being what pulls it together. It’s not perfect but clearly one of the kids painted it, so it just shows our commitment to the family. Or something.

Setting aside the fact that the camera doesn’t reveal the thick layer of dust, let’s talk about those picture frames. They’ve been sitting with the store photos proclaiming the frame size in them for at least two months. I’d finally gotten around to replacing the ones that had been broken on two different occasions involving balls being thrown in the house. The later of those incidents happened when a high school babysitter was here. She’s in her second (third? I lose track …) year of college now.

I wasn’t too upset, though. The glass stayed in the frames both times so it wasn’t dangerous. The pictures were ruined but we have digital copies and also they were two years out of date at the time.

Given my track record, those pictures above could be on the mantel until both kids are in high school.

See? You’re doing fine. If nothing else, you’re way ahead of me on the picture thing.

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