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Well, maybe …

Elias, having discovered upon the deaths of two beloved grandparents that important people die, and that he does not at all like it when that happens, has spent a lot of time over the last year and a half being anxious like it’s his job. For a while, he asked me what seemed like twenty times a day what would happen to him and Levi if both Paul and I died.

Ack. It’s not like we haven’t put plans in place, but who wants to talk about that all the time? Not me.

The answer, repeated over and over in reassuring tones, is that they would go to live with Uncle Chris and his family. This has been a satisfactory answer, because they adore Uncle Chris and his wife and their two cousins. Happily, Elias’ anxiety has been lessening over time, and he rarely asks me about my own death anymore.

Tonight, though, as all three of my boys were coming home from a nice long swim at the Rec Center, tired and happy, this conversation happened.

Elias: Hey Levi. Remember? When Mom and Dad die we’re going to have a big brother and a big sister!
Levi: <is too dignified to be bothered with his little brother>
Paul: Wow. You’ll like that, huh?
E: Yeah!!
Paul: So should we hurry up then?
E: No.

<long pause>

E: Well, maybe. We’d get a dog and a hamster, too.


Random picture of the boys because nobody clicks on plain text. (What? It’s true.)



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