After church today, Paul was standing around and the boys were playing with a couple of kids he didn’t recognize. So he leaned over to our friend Charlene and said, “Hey, who are those kids?” They’re her niece’s children, visiting from West Virginia. Cool, Paul thought.

When it was time to go, all the boys headed for the pile of shoes to sort out their own, and Paul being Paul, he decided to talk to their mom.

Paul: Hi! I hear you’re Charlene’s niece.
WV Mom: Hi.
Paul: It’s nice to meet you. I’m Paul. Those are my boys, Levi and …
WV Mom: OH!! I know who you are!

At this point, Paul is thinking, “What? How does a woman from West Virginia know who I am from my first name?!?”

WV Mom, continuing: Whenever I get down about how my boys are acting, Charlene tells me about your family!

I can’t think why. I mean, look at them. So sweet.

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