At Last

The boys missed their bedtime by quite a bit tonight. This was only a little bit because they were being their usual obstructionist selves and mostly because there was a tooth-losin’ party up in here tonight!

Elias has been waiting for this moment ever so long. Since Levi lost his first one, I think. He’s been talking about it so tenaciously that I wasn’t even paying attention over the past few days when he said he had a loose one.

It was real this time, though. I couldn’t get a great shot, but the tooth is still attached in the picture below. It was so loose it would go out at a 90-degree angle.

He cried for about ten seconds until he thought about the free money. Then he had Levi help him write this note.

I notice the demands are a great deal more modest when the note is composed on someone else’s behalf. I can’t remember exactly, but I think Levi’s last request was for at least $1000.

Everybody has a dream.

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