It is one year ago today that my mother died. I expected this to be a difficult spring, and it has been, though not always in the ways I anticipated.

Grief is sneaky, and personal, and cares very little about whether it’s a good time to show up or not. Quite rude, really. 

I went out today to check on the rose bush some friends sent me as a memorial. (You will please ignore the weeds as a favor to me. Ta ever so.)


It isn’t blooming, yet. But the leaves are healthy. There is life, and there is promise. 

And that’s enough. 

One thought on “Promise 

  1. Martha Wiegand June 19, 2015 at 6:20 pm Reply

    And I miss your folks so much! especially this time of year as we are preparing to host the 63rd annual Fort Sam reunion out here in Iowa ~ July 25.

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