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Teeth Again

This? This is the face of a young man filled with excitement and pride. Excitement over a milestone – losing a tooth is a big deal when you’re 6 3/4 years old. (Losing a tooth at 40 would be a big deal, too. Though not quite in the same way.) Pride because he gathered all his courage in his little hands and pulled it himself. So you can understand the anticipation with which he placed the little incisor under his monkey pillow. 

Unfortunately, we have the worst tooth fairy in the world at our house. THE WORST. 

The tooth fairy forgot. It’s not even the first time. This is his third tooth and the tooth fairy is averaging .333 which is great if you’re playing pro baseball but dismal if you’re tooth-fairying. I think she might have cavities in her brain. 

So this morning started with heartbreak and recrimination and the tooth fairy didn’t even have a good excuse, blast her. She should have set an alarm on her phone. Heaven knows that’s the only way she ever really remembers anything. 

She’d better not forget tonight, and she’d better come up with a pretty good letter of explanation. 

Let me know if you have any idea what might have happened. She clearly needs all the help she can get. 

One thought on “Teeth Again

  1. The tooth fairy has gotten stuck in traffic before and had to come while my daughter was in school.

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