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Artists at Work

I made cut outs last night so the boys could decorate today.

They take their work quite seriously.
As well they should.
Cookies are serious business.

Elias looked up to see me watching him as he licked an enormous gob of icing off the end of his butter knife. (Fear not. They each had their own small bowl of icing to work with.) He swallowed quickly, and said, “No, Mama. I wasn’t eating it. I just licked that bit off so it wouldn’t stain.”

I sort of admire the quick thinking.

We are Adventing along over here pretty well. One day we ran out of time for anything and we had to make up for it the next day, but mostly I’ve even kept to the schedule.

This season has not been without bumps so far. I took Elias to Santa’s workshop and as we were looking for Grandma, he said, “But not for the Grandma that died, right? For the Grandma that’s still alive?”

It wasn’t a problem in the moment. I just answered the question. But later I sat bawling at my desk because my mom will never get some inane, inappropriate gifts from my kids. Ridiculous, really, but it wasn’t actually about the silly gifts from Santa’s Workshop. (Hi. My name is Captain Obvious.)

So anyway. We’re bumping along, mostly without incident, and squeezing the joy out of shopping at the dollar store and licking icing off our fingers whenever we can.

It’ll never make a postcard, but it works for us.

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