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Better Than Wednesday

Today was better than Wednesday. Paul was off work, which means it’s Big Breakfast Saturday (BBS). Usually I make pancakes for BBS, but I may have been slightly grouchy at the prospect this time. Paul decided that cooking while I slept in was a more attractive option than waiting for pancakes seasoned with anger and spite, and stepped up. Breakfast, though pancake-less, was delicious.

When the boys pulled out the Advent box for today, it contained news of Santa. OH MAN. Was there ever a lot of shrieking about that.

We went up to Graf Growers, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Santa was amazing, they send you pictures taken by a professional photographer for free, and you can get hot chocolate after. (Elias dumped his on the cement. Sorry, guys.) Also, their stuff is so pretty that I was inspired to buy a plant. Three, in fact. They had mini poinsettias, which I had never seen before. They are lovely. I think the fact that it’s only a few weeks until Christmas helped me decide I could handle a live plant. I know it’s possible to keep poinsettias alive after Christmas, but if they do die, I won’t feel nearly as guilty. Possibly my long history of inadvertent plant murder has warped me on this topic.

Anyway, as I said, Santa was great. He talked a bit to each of the boys specifically. So exciting. I did hear him trying to coach Elias to add to his Christmas list. Currently it consists of “monster trucks.” That’s it.




And then. AND THEN.

Then we went to Pizza Hut, because Levi had earned his first-ever Book-It personal pan pizza.


He’s concentrating pretty hard on the cheese right here, but truly, his joy knew no bounds.

Me? I got a little nap in on the couch, and we’re having taco salad for supper, which I’ve been craving. So I’m good.

Tomorrow is put-up-the-tree day. So expect a lot of shrieking from our neighborhood about that one, too. Paul just loves put-up-the-tree day!

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