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It’s a Mystery

Things My Children Do Not Understand

  • Why it is not okay for them to wrestle under my desk while I am working.
  • What “work” is. Yes, Facebook is on the computer, too, but it is not the same thing. This is a hard truth. Mostly for me.
  • That coffee is required before a paper airplane can be constructed.
  • That there are any limits at all on what they can do once they grow up. (I’m not going to ruin this one for them yet.)
  • Why the wadded-up Kleenex has to stay in the nose for a while instead of working instantly.
  • That asking when Papa is getting home every three minutes does not make him get home any faster.

Things I Do Not Understand

  • Why I keep seeing pictures of people I went to school with who don’t look twenty anymore.


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