As Promised

We didn’t tell the boys about this until right after supper, because I was afraid they wouldn’t eat if they knew. When we did tell them, Levi thought it was a trick.

Paul: You guys get to dump a bucket of ice water on Mama’s head.
Levi: Um, what?
Paul: Here, like this. <shows them a video of someone else> You get to do that to Mama.
Levi: REALLY!?!!?!

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about at all, well, you probably live under a rock. If you don’t know about my own personal twist on this, check out this post: Not Wet. Yet.)

Here you go.

Want to help push me over the edge for more buckets? (The boys can hardly contain their excitement about doing it again. Levi thinks he should DEFINITELY get to do it again tomorrow because it’s his birthday.)

If you’re in, follow this link: That sponsors me in the Cycle for Life ride coming up in September.

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