Behavioral Study


Earlier this evening I took this picture – because the glasses were sitting there on the piano as I was walking by and why not – and I decided to send it to my friend J because she could use a laugh.



Then, possibly because I didn’t have enough adult interaction today, I decided it would be fun to send it to some other people just to see what they’d say. (If I have your mobile number, you may get to be part of a random social experiment that has no point. Bonus!)

J the first: LOL. I seriously love you.

S: Sexy.

J the second: Word.

T: Maybe you have lost it.

A: <crickets> (She’s wondering why we’re still friends. It’s okay. She’s wondered before, and she’s still around.)

You may now return to your regularly scheduled evening, secure in the knowledge that I am still not quite right. Peace.

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