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These are the days of watermelon and dining al fresco, and there is great joy upon the earth.


Seriously, I don’t know that Levi is ever happier than when he is inhaling half a watermelon. Except maybe when all that liquid comes to its natural end, and he gets to use the Great Outdoor Bathroom.

He had the screw removed from his arm last week. He started in during the early morning car ride, asking when he was going to get his prizes. This kid has been to the hospital too much. He expects stickers and stuffed animals and backpacks and general loot at every turn. I suppose there’s nothing really wrong with the hospital giving kids “prizes” to ease things along and make the experience at least a little fun. And I love that the staff there cares so much about kids, from the registration people to the maintenance crew. But it does present some challenges for the parents of frequent fliers in the general area of entitlement.

As expected, stickers were forthcoming at registration. This came with us from home:


Froggy (formal pedigree name) was obtained from an ER nurse in the aftermath of the original injury. Levi has asked to bring him along to the hospital every time after. The recovery nurse this time decided that he needed a friend.


So prizes were obtained, along with those hospital socks with tread. Both boys are fascinated with these and beg to wear them everywhere (I said no to church but yes to bed), despite the fact that they otherwise shun any sort of footwear from May to October.

Both boys are very much looking forward to school, which is an attitude I will encourage forever and ever amen. I was that kid who was playing school a week after it let out in June. Paul was not as enthusiastic about school – he had very important business involving a creek and some worms – and is trying not to sabotage me. Sort of. Groaning and then saying in your best fake happy voice, “No! School is great!!” is not quite what I hope for in the way of support. I’m working on him.

Because their birthdays are coming up this month, it was time for pictures. This is my talented friend Sarah working on that project last night.


I was dismissed from the shoot for not being fun enough. (Totally valid, by the way.)




* Get it? Get it? Say it out loud. Ketchup. Because I haven’t posted much in awhile**.

**Sorry. Sometimes I can’t help myself.


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