How We Are

People keep asking how we are. Here’s a visual representation:


Mostly what we are is exhausted.

This is a picture from around noon. This is after Elias put himself to bed last night because he couldn’t wait for us to do it (that’s a first) and after they slept at least an hour later than usual this morning. We went to the pharmacy, which is a 15 minute drive if you take it reeeeeaaaaallll slow. Levi fell asleep on the way and, when we got back in the car, asked permission to finish his nap. (!?!) They both zonked on the way back and I snapped this after I pulled into the garage.

I’m not a lot better. I want to take a bike ride this afternoon – I think it’d go a long way toward making me feel more normal – but I’m not sure I’ll be able to peel myself off the couch.

Here’s to naps!

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