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I decided to buy a clippers and see if I can cut the boys’ hair. I’m tired of paying for haircuts. I’m tired of paying for my own haircuts, too, but I have serious concerns about the way I’d look with an all-over buzz.

Elias was a little suspicious at first, but I promised him a Tootsie Pop if he got through it.



I probably need to work on my technique. He never looks like this when he’s in process at the barbershop.


I think he looks a little like he has fur here. Poor boy. I guess we could use a cape, but we’re more into just hosing him down after.



He was much better after a bath, though, with all the itchy stuff gone. I know I’m biased, but I think he really pulls off the quarter-inch buzz.



Levi didn’t need a haircut, but he’s next up on the block. I may even talk Paul into it.

I’m at the stage of prepping for a trip at which I’m finally abandoning all the items on my list that I labeled would-be-nice but would more accurately be called only-if-I-didn’t-sleep-for-a-week. It turns out that I’m not going to manage to wipe down all the cabinets in the kitchen before I leave. Because that was realistic.

I haven’t packed a blessed thing. I’m only packing for myself this time, so I’m not too worried about it. Except for the shoes. I want to bring ALL THE SHOES. (I might have an eensy shoe problem. Too minor to mention, really.) The good news is that since I’m in the wedding, there is at least one day where I know exactly what I’m wearing. Even the shoes.

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