Random Thoughts (and a Cutie Pants)

Levi had his closing preschool program tonight. He still has eight days left in school, but he got his certificate tonight, along with an alphabet binder. Every page is a picture made with one of his handprints. I have no idea how they got that many children to do 26 handprints each like that. I’m sure it was over time. But still. Wow.

20140521-215446-78886775.jpgThe intrepid graduate collects his loot.

I haven’t written much lately, mostly because I feel like my brain is in a thousand pieces. It’s hard to get them all to settle down and make coherent thoughts. When I can, I mostly need to use the coherence for work. But, in the service of not getting out of the habit entirely, some tidbits for the day:

  • Levi has an appointment at the CF center this afternoon, at which we are hoping that they will say the PICC can come out and we can stop with the IV antibiotics. I forgot that was on the schedule when I got dressed this morning and I’m wearing capri workout leggings and sort of interesting hair. I think they’re just going to have to manage their horror.
  • When Levi was finally on the bus this morning, Elias turned to me and said, very sweetly, “Mama, can you deal with me now?” Hmm. I may need to work on my phrasing. Maybe a move from “I cannot deal with you right now!” to “Please wait until your brother is on the bus, darling child and the light of my life.” We’ll see how that goes.
  • Speaking of Elias, the other night Paul had promised them French fries when I was away at a meeting, and realized that he didn’t have any cooking oil. He asked Elias to go ask Gigi for some, and was surprised at his enthusiasm for the errand. Then he realized he hadn’t been clear on the item for pickup. Cooking oil. Not cookies. Poor kid.
  • It is less than a month until I leave for a week for a wedding. By myself. I can’t decide whether to have a party or put my head between my knees so I don’t hyperventilate. So many moving parts. Halp.
  • Do any of the rest of you sometimes feel completely overwhelmed by and unqualified for your jobs? No? Just me, then? Forget I said anything.
  • I am taking a deep breath.
  • I am doing that again.

Onward and upward!*


*Bonus points if you can name the book without me revealing the rest of the quote.



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