Cystic Fibrosis

Great Strides Time

Twice a year, I raise money to help cure cystic fibrosis. Great Strides, a nationwide walk/run event is held in the spring, and it’s that time. (The other event is a group cycle in the fall.) I’m really behind this year – the walk is Sunday, and I haven’t done anything. And I won’t be at the walk, since we have a family event at the same time.

But as one of the coordinators said, the walk is really the celebration and not the main event. The main event is the fundraising, because the money we raise goes straight to research for a cure.

They’re really close. I met a woman with CF last month. She’s on Kalydeco, which is one of the drugs that the CFF has helped fund. She now does ultra biking distances and runs, because she feels so amazing on this incredible drug. She has a different genetic mutation than Levi’s, so that drug can’t benefit him yet. But a drug combination designed for his genes is nearly ready.

I confess that I do sometimes wish he had a little less energy (or that I had a little more). But I don’t really mean it. I hope he’s still well enough when he’s thirty to want to ride a bike some distance I think is insane.



So, if you’d like to join the fight, we would be delighted to have you. Any amount is appreciated more than you know.

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