Cystic Fibrosis

Rollin’ Along

We arrived safely and almost on time this morning, and went pretty much straight down to get the PICC inserted. I stayed in the room to talk to Levi through the procedure, and I had to rock the mask and hat. Levi found this hilarious.


He was super brave, and behaved better, according to the nurses, than a lot of the big boys that get PICCs. I’m pretty proud of him.

He’s currently counting down the minutes until he can order lunch, and watching some Dora. I’m all connected with my work computer and answering e-mails. So everything is pretty normal, just in a different location. Also I’m answering questions from roughly a thousand doctors. That’s not so normal, but we can work with it.

When we left for the PICC insertion this morning, I stuck my debit card in my pocket so I could get a coffee in the lobby later. I realized half an hour later that I didn’t have it with me. I was just starting up visions of calling and cancelling the card to get a new one when the phone at the desk rang and the nurse said it was for me. Someone found my card, located our room, and delivered it back to me.

I am now properly caffeinated, and pretty impressed with the customer service around here.

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  1. Oh my- thankful he’s doing well and hope lunch is yummy! And glad mom got her coffee! That’s is nerve wrenching!

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