Spring is coming. Right? Say yes.

I’ve been a little quiet lately, at least on here. To tell the truth, I’ve been having trouble finding positive things to say, and I’m tired of hearing myself complain. I am really really looking forward to spring. I can’t wait until the boys can go outside to run off some energy. I can’t wait until I can open up all the windows in the house and let some fresh air blow through – the first day with the windows open is always one of my favorite days of the year.

I did change up the wallpaper on my phone.


Tulips are my favorite flower any time of the year, but right now they mean spring is coming. I know it’s silly, but just looking at those when I pull up my phone is making me feel more cheerful.

We’ve had a lot of extra medical appointments lately. Levi’s arm is healing very well, and the doctor is pleased. He is, however, having surgery on both eyes on Monday to correct his lazy eye. The surgeon will be adjusting the muscle placement in both eyes to make them better aligned. So we’ve had pre-op appointments and things like that as well. When I set out last weekend to meet my friend Jen at the mall, I’d been driving for almost half an hour before I realized that autopilot had kicked in and I was headed toward the hospital. That’s how much I’ve been driving there. The mall and the hospital are at least in the same city, but jeez.

Still, there is usually something funny to be found in life (my sister points out that it helps to be looking for it). Last night I was cleaning out my e-mail inbox and I found an e-mail I sent to myself as a reminder last summer. I need to clean out my inbox more often. Anyway, the e-mail had a subject of “Hot chic” and said that my friend would buy me some at Sam’s Club the next week.

Um. Whuut?

I seriously have no idea what that meant. She does sometimes buy me tortillas at Sam’s Club, but a hot chic? I didn’t even know Sam’s sold those.

I’m currently sitting in a middle school classroom, watching the goings on. (I’m here to help prep for a Power of the Pen tournament we’re hosting tomorrow, and I have a little bit of downtime before school lets out.) An observation that may serve the nonexistent middle-school boys reading this blog: If you have an idea during class, you look at the boy sitting next to you and mouth, “SHOULD I?” and he nods enthusiastically, whatever you are about to do is almost certainly a Very Bad Idea. Just sayin’.

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  1. What about the 34 year old ornery/firecracker who looks at her co-worker and mouths “SHOULD I?” And then the co-worker nods enthusiastically!?
    (tbh…it was worth it ;-)

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