Gratitudes for a January Sunday

Paul and I drove two cars to church this morning, since I was singing and had to get there early. As I was coming home with Elias dozing in the backseat, I had a few minutes to compose my gratitudes list for the day. I know I’ve talked about it on here and I thought it might be fun to share an entry.

This morning, I was grateful:

  • That I did NOT hit a deer on my way in to church on the snowy, predawn roads. We missed each other by inches.
  • That the sun is shining.
  • That Paul indulged me and stood outside in the cold to fill up my car because I was feeling too wimpy to do it myself.

When Paul and Levi got home, I got to add to the list. They stopped and picked up flowers for me to cheer me up. (It’s been a long week. And I seem to have gotten up on the wrong side of bed this morning.)

It is delightful to receive flowers from a little boy who helped pick them out. He couldn’t have been prouder of himself if he’d built a spaceship.


They asked if I like the flowers, and I do. But I like who they came from even more.

For a cold and snowy one in January, I guess it’s not such a bad day.

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