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A Little Holiday Present For You

This is primarily directed at the women out there, because we are notorious for feeling like we’re failing all the time, or at least not doing as well as the people who are posting on Pinterest.

Especially in this season, when there’s so much extra work to be done and presents to wrap and cookies to bake and school parties to help with. (I got an e-mail yesterday that there will indoor snow at Levi’s class party tomorrow. Indoor snow?!? There is a reason I am not the room mother. Pretty sure it’s because I am the actual Grinch. But I don’t have to clean up the snow so I don’t care. Bwwwahahahaha.)

I find myself being intimidated by the things everyone else is doing (see also: room mother who creates indoor snow), and assuming that their entire lives look as pretty as their Christmas cards. I’m told I am not the only person that does this, and I think it causes a lot of unnecessary angst. So this is my little gift to you during this holiday season: the feeling that you are definitely ahead of someone, on something.

This is how long it’s been since I cleaned my stovetop.


You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “A Little Holiday Present For You

  1. Nice, perhaps we need to start REAL boards on Pinterest – how’s that for an idea. Post photos of our cluttered living rooms and less than perfect bathrooms.

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