I give you <drumroll, please> today’s Advent activity!


I’m using the term “activity” loosely here – these involve hot oil, so the only involvement the boys had was eating them. Elias was a huge fan, but Levi said they have too much sugar. This from the boy who wants 17 popsicles a day.

This is sort of a nod to Elias’ heritage, though I know they’re not authentic. These probably relate to authentic Guatemalan bunuelos as much as a Taco Bell quesadilla relates to anything actually eaten in Mexico. Bunuelos vary regionally, and in many countries they’re sort of like a small round doughnut. This is more of a tribute to the elephant ear. Honestly, I chose this recipe because I thought I could probably manage it without too much trouble. (True.) And I had all the ingredients in the house already. (Bonus!) Lazy or practical? You decide.

Either way, they were in fact pretty tasty.

One thought on “Bunuelos

  1. Brilliant! We make Swedish cruellers, pepparkakor, and St. Lucia buns for Christmas. Although, our St. Lucia buns are not authentic. I don’t buy saffron. I don’t even follow the traditional recipes. We make orange sweet rolls, dress The Love Magnet up in her nightgown and a paper St. Lucia crown, and she delivers the rolls and hot cocoa (with much balancing help from me) to her daddy and brothers. My point – we adapt our Swedish heritage tradition to our needs. You get bonus points, Mama. Good job!

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