Levi is cast-free for the first time in six weeks. He has mixed feelings about it. He’s really been looking forward to it, but his arm no longer feels quite like his arm, and there’s a scar on the elbow from the surgery. He’s a little freaked out by it. He even asked the doctor for another cast, please.

At home, he’s walking around holding his right arm to his chest with his left one, and wailing if I walk by too quickly and create a breeze. He asked to take a rest on the couch with a blanket and a pillow.

20131111-153800.jpgDoesn’t he just look delightfully pathetic? He’s determined to get his money’s worth from this experience, and I’m indulging him a little. I’m far too cold-hearted for it to last long.

(And lest you think I’ve really gone too far this time, I’ll tell you that he had an amazing recovery when I asked if he felt well enough to play MarioKart for while.)

The doctor still isn’t thrilled with the way the x-ray looks, so we’ll be going back in a couple of weeks for another. He did tell us about a patient once who didn’t quite heal for six months. He had to have surgery (though he hadn’t had one originally). Bleah.

Knit, bones, knit!

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